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About UDAAN Special School, Jalandhar

Every individual is unique and can contribute to the society in a meaningful way, if given right input at right time. We are helping in a small way to special children.  

Our vision

Parents of children with Neuro developmental disabilities like C.P (Cerebral palsy) Autism down Syndrome etc. are often told that the brain lesions are irreversible, so DO NOT WASTE TIME on false promises, and just try to see what .O .T (Occupational Therapy) P.T (Physiotherapy) , speech, special education etc can do.

In this era, there is NO Excuse to deny special need children. Udaan comes with a vision of lending a ray of hope to the families of special children. While some of the newer therapies may still be classified as experimental, that do future generations look forward to unknown by competent medical authorities.

It means a lot of heart-breaking experimental research of probabilities and ridicules by so - called experts with closed minds. However, such work would entail and error, and hence should be carried out only by institutions that have the expertise, with the medical and therapy teams and equipment necessary to undertake such resource.

Our Aims

Udaan aims is to find some talent in each student and polish their abilities in order to make them self sufficient. It is done by involving the children in various activities and by keen observation on them. One such activity which has proved out to be very fruitful is ballpool. As the activity aims at stimulating all their five sensis.

We work on bringing a balance between the I.Q and E.I of the student. As I.Q is the score designed to access intelligence of the individual whereas E.I is an ability on a skill to identify, access and control the emotions of oneself and other.

Objectives for improving I.Q and E.I

  • To recognise the disability of child and try to improve it.
  • To boost the level of confidence of children.
  • To recognise disabilities of child and try to improve it.  
  • To boost the level of confidence of children.
  • To improve social and communication skills.
  • Special guidance for parents, how to help their child.
  • Impart education training.
  • To develop aesthetic sense among children.
  • To create tolerance, valve, peace e love responsibilities.
  • Impart appropriate moral & spiritual values.

UDAAN`s Research Activities

Disorder like diabetes and high blood pressure (B.P) are often incurable diseases and often due to their genetic make-up about which we can not do anything. That does not mean we tell such patients to accept the disease and live with it, instead, we control blood sugar, blood pressure (B.P) diet, life style etc. and give them an improved prognosis for life.

Why do not we consider doing the same for cerebral palsy (C.P) , Autism, Down Syndrome , Slow learner etc ?

Hence UDAAN is carrying out carefully conducted studies by therapists and one to one study giving individual attention and focusing on Individual Educational (IEP) plan of the child.


“UDAAN” is one of Jalandhar fore most centre for training rehabilitation and early intervention with integration of children with moderate to severe cerebral palsy (C.P) Mental Retardation (MR) or Autism & Slow learner.

Help to guide parents /guardians of children with (C.P) cerebral palsy,(M.R) Mental Retardation or Autism, regarding the diagnosis and evaluation of brain related disabilities, home management, selection of special schools etc. Oour guidance aims in improving the quality of life of disabled children.

The motto of UDAAN is to set free the spirit of freedom inherent in every disabled child.