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Facilities for children in “UDAAN” school 

I have been working with kids for more than 4 Years with such therapies, got a keen understanding of the kids disability. To judge the right therapy at the right time leads to good results.

Yoga for the special child:

Helps to centralize the energy, calmness, flexibility of body, speech and visual benefits, also helps to reduce seizures.


To loosen The body, body awareness, improved breathing, speech enhancement, awareness of space and the body movements.

Basic Movements:

Helps To develop reading and writing skills also increase understanding and intellectual power etc.


A group of therapies specially designed to focus on childhood reflexes which are missed including speech, vision, walking, understanding, hearing, etc.


Best works on vestibular system and help child to gain proper balance and increasesbrain intellect.

Brain Exercises:

Specially designed for slow learners, in conjunction with above therapies it works best to improve the brain age and self understanding.

Balance Training:

This is most important one to increase mental age and to develop reading and writing skills and also works for fine and gross motor skills.


Brain Injured a broad term used for AUTISM, ADD, ADHD, CP, Slow learner, Mental Retardation etc.


Every child is unique with the hard work of therapist and parents only, a goal can be achieved. Also patience is needed to see the true light in your kids as the kids are not special needs they have special needs. All these therapies start working from the brain level, whatever therapy is done, it is to increase the brain and to enhance and comfort the life of the child as every child is a special child.

Dr.Sudhir Kumar Pandey.
Physical Therapist.


1."My son Ranvir is being treated by Dr.Sudhir's special therapies from past 1 Year and its going great. Changes that we observed is like his understanding increased then before, behavioral changes, reduced tantrums and hyperactivity, started following some commands and reduced biting and pinching. We are satisfied with the therapies going on"

Ranvir mother

2.My son Arpit is having therapy with Dr. Sudhir from past 6 months. We have experienced a lot of changes in him. His communication skills and balancing have improved. He has developed a better eye contact. His understanding level has also improved a lot after therapies. We can observe all round development in him with efforts of therapist and school team.

Tejinder (Arpit mother)